Saturday, May 28, 2016

Notes on Design Proposal Format

Title (same as the scientific journal article format)

Succinctly summarize the motivation, goals, and approach of the overall project.

What is the project about and what is the motivation?  Review any prior work in the subject area (include patent search, if appropriate).  What is the state of the art? Who are expected end users? 

Describe the project goals and intended functions and features.  Comment on critical design parameters and what challenges might stand in the way of accomplishing your design objectives.

Design Strategy
Describe your approach to this project, including mode development, model validation, simulation, control design and tuning, and performance verification.

This section should describe how you were able to create your design; therefore, a diagram of your product should be included.

Plan of Action
The plan of action consists of various tasks needed to create the product.    

Testing Procedures:  This section should discuss the procedure for testing the product’s efficacy.

Cost and Schedule
Cost Analysis:  Include a cost of the project based on labor and material.  Include a list of parts, lab equipment, shop service, which are not routinely available at no cost. 

Schedule:  Include a timetable showing when each step in the expected sequence of design and fabrication work will be completed (generally, by week).

Works Cited
Throughout the proposal, you should cite the sources of your information (including web site URL’s) and list the references in this section.

Detailed information that is useful for reference purpose but may detract from the flow of the proposal (e.g., data sheets, program codes, etc.) should be included in the Appendix.  The Appendix should be divided into sections with separate titles, and numbered.  The page number should continue from the proposal body. 

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