English Plus Download Links

  • The links for the notes and worksheet are already up.
  • Please attach your prewriting activity to your outline worksheet, which is due on Saturday.
  • For those who need to redo their prewriting activity, you need to correct or change the part(s) of your activity that are not in accordance to the instructions that I gave. Please do not ask me what you need to redo.
  • Please get your prewriting activity. Your papers will be kept in a long folder labeled "English Plus." The folder will be conveniently placed on the worktable of the computer science section of the CAS office.
  • When you get your activity, do not come in large groups. Also, please do not be noisy. There are other teachers who will be staying in the CAS office, so it is important not to disturb them. 
  • Unfortunately, students are no longer allowed in the CAS office. Nevertheless you still need to accomplish the worksheet outline.
  • Please accomplish all the activities I have given. You will not receive a passing mark if you have an incomplete set.