Monday, October 13, 2008


If you have questions and clarifications, please find time to meet with me at the Department of Languages and Literature. I usually stay there in the afternoon. For those who have left for their hometown, please post your email ads so I can entertain any questions or requests.


rouen said...

sir this is my email add..

tth 3-4:30

nilda said...

gud pm sir quirong.. im nilda de leon 05572476 from your 9:00-10:30am class..

this is my email add

nilda said...

sir since i'll be going somwhere soon and it would be inconvenient for me to access the net, i would like to take this chance to inform you that my midterm grade as per my computation during our last meeting it is 1.1.. do you still remember my midterm exam as per your record was 1.6 but i had some corrections and it was eventually changed to 1.1. after summing up the average of all the 11 activities (2/3) and the midterm exam (1.1), i got a miterm grade of 1.1...

it would be so kind of you if you could check it out.. thank you sir..

ritchie said...

hi sir, this is ritchie tejana 06764852, here is my email ad

tatad said...
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tatad said...

this is tatad sir.

hers my e-add

im not in your list sir.
i didn't found my final grades.
my id no. is not in the list.

12:00-1:30 TTh

lenets said...

sir, i did not find my id no. on your list.


TTH 1:30-3:00 class

ritchie said...

hi sir quirong,this is ritchie tejana 06764852 of your 9-10:30am class.I was in the DOLL office this afternoon to talk about my grade sir but you weren't there.My midterm grade as i have computed was 1.5 as compared to the 1.8 that you have computed sir.I got the 1.5 by the Class Standing
the average of this 11 scores is 1.8 multiplied by 2/3 so its 1.2 plus 1/3 of my midterm exam .3(1 divided by 3) so its 1.5 sir not 1.8. And may i know sir how was the TFG computed?i have you could make the necessary adjustments.thanx a lot sir. pls reply on my email ad which is

Candy said...

Gud pm sir. This is candy uy 06837961 from your TTh 12:00-1:30 class.
i would just like to ask my scores included in computing the TFG.
Thanks a lot sir.
here's my email ad: