Sunday, October 12, 2008


*Download the pic. Open the file using any photo editor or viewer so it can be magnified.

* Please leave a comment for questions and clarifications. For those who originally belong to Ms. Gabales's class, I currently do not have your ID numbers so you grades will posted on Tuesday.


lenets said...


Good day!

This is 06301729 from your TTH 1:30-3:00 class. You asked me to post the results from my previous exams. Here they are.

Date Grade
06/27/08 1.1
07/01/08 1.4
07/17/08 1.0
08/11/08 1.3

Sir, i haven't seen my id no. from your posted final grades.

I hope you'll reply soon so that i can comply with the necessary requirements, if there are any.

Thank you!

rouen said...

sir can i pass some of the activities that i missed for me to pass?

pugad said...

sir, how about those who failed. can we make up for our grade.. thnx..
( 06006115 )

elleszah said...

sir... i got 3.2... what should i do to pull up my grade????


elleszah said...

sir... you can text me at this # 09239168549. i really need your reply this day. im going home n leyte this tuesday...

tnx sir!!!

from: 06276177

Bubbles said...
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ritchie said...

sir, dis is 06764852, my computation of my midterm grade was 1.5, how come it is 1.8 in your records?And how was the TFG computed?

LiterarX said...

Your miseducated mentor speaking...

For those who have questions regarding their grades, it would really help if you would mention your SCHEDULE...for those who got failing grades you need to talk to me at the department of languages and literature,I am usually there after lunch, ASAP. For those who have left for their home provinces you need to post your email, so I can send you the details and the mechanics for your make-up projects....

rouen said...

sir can i ask for the instruction for the make up projects?

tth 3-4:30

ritchie said...

hi sir quirong,this is ritchie tejana 06764852 of your 9-10:30am class.I was in the DOLL office this afternoon to talk about my grade sir but you weren't there.My midterm grade as i have computed was 1.5 as compared to the 1.8 that you have computed sir.I got the 1.5 by the Class Standing
the average of this 11 scores is 1.8 multiplied by 2/3 so its 1.2 plus 1/3 of my midterm exam .3(1 divided by 3) so its 1.5 sir not 1.8. And may i know sir how was the TFG computed?i have you could make the necessary adjustments.thanx a lot sir. pls reply on my email ad which is

Candy said...

Gud pm sir. This is candy uy 06837961 from your TTh 12:00-1:30 class.
i would just like to ask my scores included in computing the TFG.
Thanks a lot sir.
here's my email ad:

elleszah said...

sir... i cant meet you at the department... im here already in leyte... so what should i do????
here's mah email add..