Thursday, March 31, 2016

Notes on Methodology

What Your Methodology Contributes to Your Research

- Introduce the overall methodological approach.
- Indicate how the approach fits the overall research design.
- Describe the specific methods of data collection.
- Explain how you intend to analyze and interpret your results (i.e. statistical analysis, theoretical framework).
- If necessary, provide background and rationale for unfamiliar methodologies.
- Address potential limitations

Tips on Writing Your Methodology

- Break down your methodology into subsections.
- In the physical sciences, these sections may include subjects, design, apparatus, instrumentation, process, analysis, etc.
- In the social sciences, these sections may include selection of participants, interview process, profiles, interpretive and analytic framework, methods of qualitative analysis, etc.
- In the humanities, these sections may include scholarly research, archival research, theoretical orientation, etc.
- Remember that your methods section may also require supporting literature.
- Anticipate and pre-empt the audience’s methodological concerns.
- Acknowledge major problems.
- Justify your approach by showing how benefits outweigh potential problems.


Eves, Rosalyn. PowerPoint Presentation. The Graduate Writing Center of the  Center for Excellence in Writing. University of Texas.

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