Thursday, November 20, 2014

Guide Questions for Your Narrative

Defining your parameters of setting, character, and plot:

Setting: Time and Place

  1. Give your characters names, but not yours.
  2. Give your characters a background. Describe them physically. Give them a personality. What are their dreams in life? What are their values? Who are their parents? Do they have siblings? Describe their relationship with their family. etc--the idea here is create characters that are realistic. 
  3. Define their relationships among each other. 
  4.  Decide who is the antagonist and who is the protagonist
  1. What does the protagonist want?
  2. How does this want create a problem for the antagonist?
  3. The Passover question: why is this night different from any other night? Why is this problem happening now?
  4. What are the stakes? What would happen if the problem is not resolved? Higher stakes are more compelling: life and death issues, the breakdown of a marriage.
  1. How is it resolved?
  2. Is there a change in the character’s beliefs or attitude at the end of the play?
  3. What happens in the scene that brings about its change?

Plot Structure
  1. Does this scene have a beginning, middle, and an end?
  2. Does it have an inciting incident? Rising action? Climax? Falling action? Resolution?

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