Thursday, October 10, 2013

Technical Writing Portfolio Part 2

Revise the following messages so that they follow the given guidelines. Rewrite them as complete business letters by adding the necessary details.


Dear Traveling Executives:

We need you start using some of the budget suggestions we are going to issue as a separate memorandum. These include using videoconference equipment and web conferencing instead of traveling to meetings, staying in cheaper hotels, arranging flights for cheaper times, and flying from less-convenient but also less-expensive suburban airports.

The company needs to cut travel expenses by 50 percent, just as we’ve cut costs in all departments of Black & Decker. This means you’ll no longer be able to stay in fancy hotels and make last-minute, costly changes to your travel plans.

You’ll also be expected to avoid hotel surcharges for phone calls and Internet access. If the hotel you want to stay in doesn’t offer free wireless, go somewhere else. And never, NEVER return a rental car with empty tank! That causes the rental agency to charge us a premium price for the gas they sell when they fill it up upon your return.

You’ll be expected to make these changes in your travel habits immediately.


M. Juhasz
Travel & Meeting Services


I am responding to your letter about six weeks ago asking for an adjustment on your wireless hub, model WM39Z. We test all our products before they leave the factory; therefore, it could not have been our fault that your hub didn’t work.

If you or someone in your office dropped the unit, it might have caused the damage. Or the damage could have been caused by the shipper if he dropped it. If so, you should file a claim with the shipper. At any rate, it wasn’t our fault. The parts are already covered by warranty. However, we will provide labor for the repairs for $50, which is less than our cost, since you are a valued customer.

We will have a booth at the upcoming trade show there and hope to see you or someone form your office. We have many new models of hubs, routers, and other computer gear that we’re sure you’ll want to see. I’ve enclosed our latest catalog. Hope to see you there.


I regret to inform you that you were not selected for your summer intern program at Equifax. We had over a thousand resumes and cover letters to go though and simply could not get them all. We have been asked to notify everyone that we have already selected students for the 25 positions based on those who applied early and were qualified.

We’re sure you will be able to find a suitable position for summer work in your field and wish you the best of luck. We deeply regret any inconvenience with our reply.

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