Thursday, August 8, 2013

English 11 Pre-Assessment Exam Answer Key

Instructions: Identify the sentence pattern.

1.       S+V+DO  

2.       S+V+DO

3.       S+V+IO+DO

4.       S+V+DO+OC

5.       S+LV+SC

6.       S+V+IO+DO

7.       S+V+DO

8.       S+V+DO+OC

9.       S+LV+SC

10.   S+V+DO


Instruction: Identify the sentence structure.

1.       Compound  

2.        Simple (Leaving the safety of the harbor—is not a clause; it’s a phrase)

3.       Simple

4.       Complex

5.       Simple (do not be tricked by the compound subject)

6.       Simple (do not be tricked by the compound predicate)

7.       Compound-Complex

8.       Compound-Complex

9.       Compound

10.   Simple


Instruction: Rewrite the following declarative sentences into yes/no questions.

1.       Does he want to go?

2.       Did mother go home?

3.       Does the girl wish to spend her time here?

4.       Do the dramatic presentations appeal to you?

5.       Did the students prepare for the event?

6.       Do people think they can get away with bribery?

7.       Do you watch TV regularly?

8.       Did he use to stay late at night?

9.       Does Rose believe it has to be this way?

10.   Do you enjoy lab work?  


Instruction: Write the appropriate wh-question for the given response.

 *There are other possible questions you can use; however, I chose the most appropriate ones.

1.       What is he doing?

2.       What does Mary want? (Any similar question will do as long as it starts with WHAT)

3.       Who is coming?

4.       What’s your favorite color? Which color do you prefer? (Any similar question that has WHAT or WHICH and contains the word COLOR)

5.       Whose shoes are those? (You can use another demonstrative pronoun)

6.       How many guests are we expecting? (The pronoun can be YOU)

7.       How far is Peter’s house? (Some of you might use WHERE; however, such a question would be about location and direction, not distance)

8.       Where are you going?

9.       What time are they arriving?  (Any similar question. You can use WHEN as well)

10.   Why aren’t you going?


Instruction: Write the appropriate tag.

1.       The murderer was taking orders from the master mind, wasn’t he?

2.       She had to report the plan overheard over the phone, didn’t she?

3.       There were too many coincidences, weren’t there?

4.       The murderer had done his task when the phone rang, hadn’t he?

5.       Neither has decided to stay, are they?

6.       Either of you is moving out, aren’t you?

7.       Be sure that all the lights downstairs are out, won’t you?

8.       Here are the books you wanted to borrow from the library, aren’t they?

9.       Mrs. Stevenson realizes that she is the woman victim in the murder plot, isn’t she?

10.   It is possible that the plot can be traced to Elbert, can’t it?


Instruction: Embed the following questions.

1.       Do you know where the AV room is?

2.       He knows when she will arrive.

3.       Please let us know what this word means.

4.       She doesn’t know who I am.

5.       Do you remember where I placed my sunglasses?

6.       Somebody asked which chapters the exam would cover.

7.       Did he tell you what our new assignment is?

8.       Did May reveal what she wants?

9.       Does your brother know whether or not your cousins are coming over?

10.   What happens if your mother is going to know?


Instruction: Revise the following sentences by correcting faulty parallelism.

1.       Planning, drafting, and revising are three steps in the writing process.

2.       I was appalled to see her manners, to hear her bad language, and to feel her intense animosity.

3.       Some experts believe that our population is too large, but that it will diminish.

4.       The student won not only a National Merit scholarship but also a local scholarship.

5.       Most people prefer corn to Brussels sprouts.

6.       I left my job at 7:00 PM rather at 5:00 PM.

7.       I delight in rainy days as much as people delight in sunny days.

8.       She plays not only soccer but also basketball.

9.       The new employee was lazy, insolent, and always late.

10.   I think that the plants did well because they were fertilized rather than they were spoken to by me.    

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